N I N E | MINING MATTER, at Hyde Bridge Gallery, Sligo forms part of an on-going series of projects by the collective N I N E; from Saturday 28 August to Saturday 25 September 2021.

This second part of the ongoing series of projects uses the nine words which underpin the collective: MATERIALITY - ECHO - UNFOLD - WONDER - SLIPPAGE - HAPTIC- UNKNOWING - ENCOUNTER - HOLD. These words act as touch-stones to excavate beneath or build on top of; exploring materiality in its digital form. Using Padlet as a virtual pinboard, the artists gather material relating to the words while revealing connections between their individual practices. MATTER and meaning are explored through verbal and visual dialogue; MINING how our own individual practices reach points of convergence. The gallery space is used to bring the immaterial nature of the Padlet process into a material form.

N I N E is a collective of individual artists based on the island of Ireland, interested in the exploration of materiality and visual art processes. Formed in 2020 in the immaterial world of online connectivity, N I N E are Helen Blake, Susan Connolly, Jane Fogarty, Elizabeth Kinsella, Laura McCafferty, Stephanie McGowan, Celina Muldoon, Kiera O’Toole.
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